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100% YoY Growth Via VENDO’s Customer Acquisition Trojan Horse Strategy

100% YoY growth




A nutritional supplement brand drove, and continues to drive, 100% YoY growth by aggressively advertising their most competitive, high converting product (aka The Trojan Horse) at a marginal, but not overall loss. This drove new customers at a lower barrier to entry, and exposed them to the rest of the product line through retargeting efforts. In other words, it’s called the Trojan Horse strategy because we use the cheapest, highest converting product (The Trojan) to bring in new-to-brand (NTB) customers.


  1. Identify your most competitive product in price, review, and category; should be appealing to high search volume search terms.
  2. Create separate, high budget/high bid (very high bid) sponsored product campaigns for the main SKU, and lower bids/budgets of other campaigns
    • Set a total ACoS (spend divided by total revenue) limit that you are willing to invest for the first 60-90 days, should be between 30-40%, but can vary based on price point of product.
  3. Enable the campaigns and ensure through constant checking that your ad is showing up in the core spots: top of sponsored rank, video ad placement, top of headline ad (in order of importance if budget is a limitation).
  4. Create email-based weekly/monthly reporting to monitor new and repeat customers, and monitor Helium10/on-AMZ BSR to track organic ranking.
  5. Set up branded product/keyword targeting campaigns to capture the increase in branded searches and expose the new customers to the rest of the product line.
  6. Continue leaning into the strategy as monthly new and repeat customers increase.


100% YoY growth entirely from new-turned-repeat customers form Trojan Horse, 89% customer retention rate, page 1 ranking for high volume search terms.

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