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+12% Sales and +39% Conversion Rate in 1 Month Following Content Overhaul

12% lift in revenue

7% lift in units sold


lift in conversion rate 



lift in revenue for best-selling product



As one of our first actions upon partnering with a cereal brand, we determined that an overhaul of their copy (titles, bullets/features, description), visual assets (main image, infographics, lifestyle imagery, A+ Content, Brand Store), and SEO, would be very important in boosting the conversion rate (CVR) and thus sales. 


  • Conducted extensive research (i.e., keyword research, market research, competitive analysis).
  • Analyzed & assessed the research data to prioritize which keywords should be used in the copy, as well as the back-end SEO fields, in order to drive ranking for high-value keywords, as well as conversion.
  • Wrote new bullets to more clearly communicate features and benefits.
  • Created and A/B tested (via PickFu) new main images.
  • Developed new infographics and A+ Content with an emphasis on bigger callouts that are easily digestible combined with key features + benefits and lifestyle imagery.
  • Revamped the Brand Store: a robustly developed, consumer friendly store that had a more user-friendly navigation, more insights into the brand story, and branding consistent with the brand’s DTC site and overall brand image.


Within only 1 month of this new content going live, the results were very positive:

All Products
  • Revenue: +7%
  • Units Sold: +12%
  • Orders: +6%
  • Conversion Rate: +39%
  • Sessions: -4% (however, when compared to the trailing 60-days, they increased by 11%, and the trailing 90-day, by 25%)
  • Received high ranking (top 10, page 1) + click share (up to 61%) + conversion share (up to 67%) for high-value terms, many of which we previously weren’t ranking for at all
Best Seller
  • Revenue: +83%
  • Units Sold: +93%
  • Orders: +83%
  • Conversion Rate: +21%
  • Sessions: -2%
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