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139% Baseline Sales Lift From Lightning Deal Strategy











A brand in the Health & Household category ran weekly Lightning Deals (LD’s) on their Hero product for 4 months to increase daily sales average and increase BSR & Category Ranking. In addition, the brand was struggling to fully maintain their growth from the honeymoon period on Amazon. VENDO proposed running ongoing LD’s to increase NTB (New to Brand) customers, daily sales average, BSR and Category Ranking. 


  • Ran weekly Lightning Deals at a 35-40% off discount 
  • Increased advertising budgets within Amazon to drive greater visibility to the deals 
  • Drove external traffic utilizing Magic Links to increase organic ranking along with taking advantage of the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus. 


  • Keyword Ranking Boost: after running consecutive Lightning Deals for 4 months, the brand is ranking top 5 for specific niche terms, and top 10 for broad category terms 
  • Best Seller Ranking Boost: the BSR rating went from 30,000 to 5,500
  • Sales Boost 
    • Short-Term: 100% lift 
    • Long-Term (Baseline): after running consecutive LD’s for 4 months – and due to spillover on KW ranking, BSR, and LaunchPad category ranking – we saw a 139% lift 
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