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222% Sales Lift in 1 Month AFTER LAUNCHING Amazon Onsite Editorials


Total Sales for Targeted Product  




Total Sales for All Products 




Ad Sales




of Total Sales Directly Attributed to Editorial




Placement/SOV for “Margarita Mix”




For a cocktail mixer brand, we thought the Amazon Onsite Editorial program would be a great way to drive more momentum behind their Skinny Margarita Mix flavor. This program allows publisher-created content to appear in the top of search results for up to 3 keywords. Most of their cocktail mixes are varianted on the same listing, so in addition to boosting sales on the skinny margarita flavor, an additional goal was that the editorial for this product would have a positive effect on all of the other products/flavors (Aka the “halo effect”). 


  1. Through keyword research, we chose a product that was ranking in the top 50 for 3 high-value (highly relevant and high monthly search traffic) keywords. Doing so will maximize the likeliness that editorial gets placed at a high rate, thereby acquiring a higher share of voice (SOV).  
  2. Pitched the brands product and 3 keyword to a network of publishers until the publisher agreed to include it in an editorial. 
  3. Once the editorial was written, we had Amazons Editorial Moderation team review and approve it for placement. 
  4. We setup supplemental ad campaigns on Amazon, with high bids, targeting the same 3 keywords, to maximize the likeliness that when the keywords are searched, as many ad placements as possible show up (for example, sponsored brand, sponsored product, and video). The goal of this was to dominate the presence of the product in search results with up to 3 placements, alongside the editorial placement, thereby creating 4 placements of the product. By doing so, it creates an environment in which shoppers are more likely to click on the ads 


  • Overall Sales had a very strong improvement compared to the previous 30 days
    • Month 1: primary product increased by 95% in revenue and the overall varianted listings by 222%
    • Month 2: saw continued steady growth, with the primary product increasing another 27% and the overall varianted listings 9%
  • Directly Attributable Sales (sales from someone clicking the product in the editorial placement or the actual article): accounted for 32% of sales in the 1st month and 10% in the 2nd month
  • Advertising Performance: improved nicely, with revenue going up more than spend. Metrics:
    • Month 1
      • Spend: +101%
      • Revenue: +108%
      • Orders: +200%
      • Clicks: +72%
      • ACoS: improved by 3%
    • Month 2
      • Spend: -16%
      • Revenue: +6%
      • Orders: +7%
      • Clicks: +5%
      • ACoS: improved by 21%
  • % of Placement/Share of Voice (SOV): the editorial generated strong SOV for the selected keywords with only 1 falling off in the 2nd month
    • Month 1
      • Margarita Mix: 85%
      • Skinny Mixes: 61%
      • Cocktail Mixers: 17%
    • Month 2
      • Margarita Mix: 80%
      • Skinny Mixes: 80%
      • Cocktail Mixers: 0%
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