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4 Amazon Cross Selling Strategies to Skyrocket Sales – VENDO Podcast Ep 78

The name of the game for getting ahead of the competition on Amazon is (innovative) marketing STRATEGY. 🧠 Whether you want to increase your sales volume, visibility, or ranking, you have 4️⃣ surefire ways to ramp up the desirability of your products at your disposal. 🌟

Showcasing all the products in your catalog, pairing complementary products together, adding an upsell widget, creating virtual bundles, and (shameless plug) working with VENDO to expose your customers to more of your products can take your Amazon business to the next level. 📈 Always make sure to lean into the data so you know exactly how to use each of these tools to your advantage. 📊

VENDO recommends utilizing all these approaches at once to guide your customers to your offer. Join Nic to get clued in to even more tips and discover how to surge your Amazon sales. 🚀

Topics include:
– Cross promotions (catalog) (00:00:48)
– Cross promotions (targeted) (
– Anything in the buy box or upsell widget (
– Virtual bundles beta (

– Nicolas Martinez, Vice President of Marketing, VENDO





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