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+46% ROAS due to Walmart Site Placement







Category Home Page


One of our leading home improvement brands wanted to increase their Walmart advertising budget, however they needed to see increased brand placement on before doing so.

VENDO was able to identify relevant site merchandising opportunities where the brand’s items and logo could live on Once the brand noticed these new placements, they immediately increased their advertising budget by 40% to complement the organic placement. Having both organic and paid search placement is key to customers finding your brand and line of products as these tactics allow for a better customer experience and easier browsing and searchability on site.


  • Identified key site placements on the home improvement category page that would be relevant to where customers would be searching for.
  • Negotiated with the home improvement merchant for these free spots. VENDO asked for these spots in return for a higher monthly Walmart advertising budget.
  • Negotiated with the home improvement brand for the increased Walmart Advertising budget. VENDO asked for this increase in return for free site placement on the home improvement category page.
  • Worked with the Walmart Site Merchandising Manager to ensure the right items and images were going in the correct spots. VENDO also ensured that the live links were redirecting to the brand’s assortment of items.


  • Increased brand awareness on
  • +40% increase in Walmart Advertising budget which has led to a $6.99 return on ad spend vs $4.78 (+$2.21) for the brand, a +46% increase in ROAS vs. the first 3 months of 2022.
  • The increased advertising budget allowed for more items to be in the current Sponsored Products campaign.
  • The increased advertising budget allowed us to expand the current Search Brand Amplifier and keyword-based targeting to increase presence on site.
  • 27% increase in impressions since the new site merchandising opportunities went live.
  • An overall better customer shopping experience on the home improvement category page.
  • Seamless brand navigation which leads directly to the brands’ full assortment online.
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