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prime day 2020: 414% Average Lift for Vendo Brand Partners​



Average Lift Across All Vendo Brand Partners





Average Growth Across All of Amazon in 2019

5 countries

USA, Australia, Canada, UK, and Germany


Week-over-Week Growth


Prime Day is consistently the #1 biggest sales day each year on Amazon, with an astounding 25%+ of the USA population making a purchase.


Prime Day 2020 was no different – it marked the 2 biggest days ever for small- and medium- sized businesses, with over $3.5 billion in sales, a nearly 60% year-over-year increase. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise though considering the events closest ever proximity to the holiday season (62% of shoppers bought holiday gifts during Prime Day this year), as well as the estimated 5-year acceleration in ecommerce due to COVID.


What makes the difference between a brand that really knocks it out of the park and a brand that sees a mild lift? A comprehensive strategy that incorporates both on and off-Amazon marketing and advertising strategies. At VENDO, we recommend leveraging a blend of off-Amazon tactics (i.e. Paid Media, Organic Media, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing) as well as on-Amazon tactics (calculated Prime Day advertising plan, deliberate setup of Amazon deal types, and a strategic 3-phase deal structure aimed at leveraging the A10 algorithm leading in to – and out of – the main event).

We know what it takes to win.

Vendo Growth Metrics (Sales):

Strategic Structure Pays Off:

Brands that had a lead-in and lead-out strategy (sales before and after the main event) saw jumps in sales during those days by as much as 67%.

Vendo Growth Metrics (Units):

External Traffic Drivers Pays Off:

Brands that leverage external traffic drivers (i.e. paid media via Facebook and Instagram ads, organic media across social media, email marketing, SMS, etc.) saw sales growth as much as double. One brand in particular, went from 269% growth to 569% growth due to SMS marketing!

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