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A Beginners Guide to Walmart Product Listings

Molly Winter, Strategic Account Manager, VENDO has become a surprisingly big player in the ecommerce world. With monstrous growth between 2019 and 2021 (over 120%), the retailer has established itself as one of the main players in the ecommerce space. This growth has led to many more brands prioritizing as a place to grow their business. But with more brands brings more competition, meaning your items need to stand out and be optimized specifically for the Walmart algorithm. Trying to understand what will make your items most successful on can sometimes feel like a guessing game, but with our guide you will be able to increase traffic to items and make them stand out against competitors!

First Impressions

Everybody knows first impressions are important, and in ecommerce, this rings especially true! When customers search for products on, they are redirected to a search results page displaying what are determined to be the products the customers are most likely searching for. So, usually, if your product is coming up on search, so are your competitors. Your listing must stand out against the competition!

Main Image

This is the first picture of your product that the customer will see. It needs to be comprehensive of your whole product and should be compelling enough for customers to want to click in and learn more. Walmart usually prefers that your product is against a white background with no additional text, or anything on the main image. If you have pictures with explanations or graphics on them, we can include them later in your product images.

Additional Imagery

Once a customer has clicked into your product and is interested in purchasing, it is the product display page’s job to get the customer over the finish line and purchase your product. One of the easiest ways to do this is through imagery. Your product page should have 7 images that educate the customer and sell the product. This should include silo images, lifestyle images, and infographics about the product. These should help inform the customer and make them feel confident in what they are purchasing.

Product titles

Product titles matter to both consumers and the Walmart Algorithm. If your product name is optimized for Walmart, it can make you rank higher in search results and allow people to easily find your product. Each category has a certain naming algorithm that the buyer wants you to follow. If you have access to your buyer, you can ask them how their items should be named, but in general there is a naming equation you can use that is a safe bet online.

(Brand Name) + (Attribute) + (Item Type), + (Size)

EX – Great Value Original Rippled Potato Chips Party Size!, 13.5 oz

EX – Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Frizz Control Daily Shampoo, 33.8 fl oz

Some other best practices for naming are below:

  • 50-75 characters
  • Avoid using special characters
  • No marketing phases
  • Use good grammar

Ratings and Reviews

We all know how important reviews are to the consumer. Most people will not even consider buying a product if it does not have any reviews and many times the rating will be what decides what product a customer purchases if they are looking at two similar products. Walmart partners with Bazaarvoice on reviews. They can help sync reviews across like items, source reviews, and sync reviews from your direct-to-consumer website. If you are a new brand to, we would recommend using Bazaarvoice or a similar ser like Home Tester Club for sourcing reviews on your items.

Market Priced

Price is probably the single most important factor customers consider when making a purchase. If your product is not reasonably priced, customers will be extremely unlikely to choose it over the competition. You also want to make sure that the price you are choosing to sell for on Walmart is competitive with the price you are offering in the rest of the market. Customers research prices across the market when making purchases, and you do not want to give them any reason to not purchase on, better yet, you want to give them every reason to shop on


There are two places on your product page where you can provide text to give further details about your item. The first being your product description. The product description is a short blurb about your item. It is a great place to tell the story around the product/brand, and a great place to show some of your brand’s personality and what you truly stand for. Walmart also uses this for SEO purposes, so make sure to include relevant keywords and fully explain the item.

The second place you can add further descriptions is in your key features. Key features are short points about your product that are presented in bullet point form. These should not be too long (no more than 80 characters) and should still use good grammar and be easy to read/understand.


Being successful on a new e-commerce site can always be difficult but knowing what to expect and how to succeed is half the battle. Remember to always keep the customer experience in mind and continue to look for and use resources that Walmart provides. Happy selling!

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