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What is the Walmart Marketplace?

Walmart Marketplace offers a unique opportunity for a curated community of respected, professional sellers. Approved partners sell their products on next to the wide assortment offered by Walmart and other sellers, reaching a growing audience of over 120 million unique visitors each month. With their innovative programs and strategic partnerships, they’re changing the way world shops.

Selling on Walmart Marketplace offers massive scale and instant customer reach.

- Over 120 million monthly visitors or
- 40% year-over-year growth in eCommerce sales
- No setup, subscription, or monthly fees

Vendo has partnered with Walmart Marketplace to make it easier than ever to grow your eCommerce business. Now you can leverage the power of the world's largest retailer to offer your products to the miilions of shoppers who visit every day. Click the Apply Now button below to begin your application.

Click the Apply Now button below to begin your application.

We work with leading brands that are looking to reside on the right side of dynamic marketplace trends with a partner that becomes a true extension of their team.

Brands who are not afraid to work with a partner that will push them to new levels through uncovering opportunities that are driven from our informed insights and robust retail relationships.

Our partners value our work in protecting their story, while helping them hustle to new heights.

Whether you’re making your first marketplace sale or are an established brand looking for global strategy, we’ll help you WIN.

Protect your brand and sell more.