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Advertising Synergies: Amazon & External – VENDO Velocity Podcast Ep. 132

Looking to get started with External Ads? Our team will be discussing Amazon and external advertising synergies. Tune in to learn more about cross-channel reach & engagement, integrated strategies, and maximizing ROI.

Topics Covered:
– Cross Channel Reach & Engagement (2:15)
– On-Amazon Ads Playing with External Ads (3:50)
– KPIs to Measure Impact (5:50)
– Amazon Attribution Program (8:14)
– Getting Specific with Key Word Targeting (9:50)
– Optimizing Spend Allocation Between Channels (13:38)
– Maximizing ROIs: Last Click Attribution (17:42)
– If You Are Looking to Invest in External Ads, Where You Should Start? (20:18)
– Optimizing Youtube Ads (22:31)

– Gefen Laredo, Vice President of Advertising, VENDO
– Greg Rudolph, Digital Advertising Manager, VENDO
– Delaney Del Mundo, Director of Amazon Account Strategy, VENDO





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