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Amazon Deal of the Day Strategy Boosts Sales by 20x!

20x Increase in Overall Sales

28x Increase in Units Sold


New-to-Brand Customers



Subscribe ‘N Save Enrollments



“Health & Household” best Seller



in Influencer Generated Sales



An oral care brand was looking for new marketing initiatives to continue their growth of Newto-Brand customers and Subscribe and Save signups as well as increase rankings across their portfolio of products. 

In order to achieve these results, a comprehensive Deal of the Day strategy was planned. This Deal was set to run during the week leading into Prime Day, with the goal of not only having a successful Deal of the Day but also to generate lots of positive momentum heading into Prime Day.  


In order to make the Deal of the Day as successful as possible:

  • 4 of the brand’s top items were discounted at 40% off.
  • 20+ of the brand’s top influencers were paid to post on the day of the Deal to maximize visibility.
  • Both SMS and emails promoting the Deal of the Day were sent out on the day of the Deal to a large list of customers.
  • Ad spend on Amazon was increased 7x.


  • Deal of the Day sales topped $800,000. 30-day trailing average sales leading up to the Deal of the Day was $35,000.
  • Brand saw a 20x increase in overall sales and a 28x increase on units sold.
  • 22,000 New-to-Brand customers.
  • 4,000+ new Subscribe and Save signups.
  • Brand rose to #1 Best Seller in Health and Household from their previous ranking at #1,000.
  • $100,000 in sales directly attributed to influencers.
  • Other items in the brand’s catalog not included in the deal saw 5-10x sales increase due to increased traffic.
  • Brand saw a lift in the days following the Deal of the Day but saw the best results during Prime Day, where sales increased 3x YoY.
  • Prime Day sales were 5x normal trailing 30-day average.

In conclusion, during the brand’s Deal of the Day, we were able to bring in 20,000+ New-to-Brand customers, increase Subscribe and Save signups by 4,000+, and move their product all the way up to the #1 selling product in Health and Household during the Deal. Going forward, Vendo will continue to leverage its learnings from large scale marketing initiatives to grow New-to-Brand customers and Subscribe and Save signups and push rankings to new heights.

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