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120% Increase in
Overall Sales

435% Increase in
Overall Sessions


  • Amazon Live is a live streaming service that allows both brands and influencers to host their own shoppable videos in real-time. In 2021, there were 155 million monthly live video viewers in the US, and it is estimated to become a $25 billion market by 2023. 
  • There are three Amazon Live levels for creators: Rising Star is the starting level, Insider is the first level up, and A-List is the top level that creators can achieve. At the A-List level, you have all the benefits of the Rising Star and Insider levels, but your livestreams can also become eligible to appear on the homepage and Deals page on Amazon.  
  • Working with an A-List creator to run a live stream during a Lightning Deal can prompt the stream to show up on the Deals page (the most visited page on Amazon after the homepage), which can generate tens of thousands of additional impressions. 


To measure the impact of running an Amazon Live stream during a Lightning Deal, VENDO A/B tested by: 

  • A) Running the Lightning Deal alone 
  • B) Working with an A-List Amazon Live creator to host a live stream during the Lightning Deal, allowing the stream to be featured on the Deals Page 



Pairing a Lightning Deal with an Amazon Live stream led to an increase in Sales, Units Sold, & Sessions. 

  • 120% Increase in Overall Sales
    Running the LD alone, sales nearly doubled (99%). Paired with Amazon Live, Sales increased another 21%
  • 120% Increase in Overall Units Sold
    Running the LD alone, units sold nearly doubled (94%). Paired with Amazon Live, units sold increased another 26%
  • 435% Increase in Overall Sessions
    Running the LD alone, sessions more than doubled (124%). Paired with Amazon Live, sessions increased another 311%


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