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Amazon Page 1 Ranking & External Traffic Drivers – VENDO Podcast Ep 67

Today we sat down with Ryan Rigney, the founding Partner of BoostRooster (an Amazon marketing suite of tools) & FiveRock (an exit accelerator partner that invests in brands), to dive into how you can create a thriving page 1 ranking Amazon campaign. 💥

With years of experience as an investor, founder, and e-commerce entrepreneur under his belt, Ryan knows the intricacies of what it takes to create a booming yet sustainable business on Amazon. 💪💰

From Amazon’s ranking formula, to PPC placements, to the best practices to drive organic and paid traffic to your products on Amazon, this episode is you one-stop shop for polishing up your campaigns.

Even more, Ryan shares some more unique approaches such as Facebook Groups, Email List Buys, and Instagram Reels.

Ryan predicts that products with real and consistent demand from customers willing to pay full price will be the future solution for guaranteeing first page ranking on Amazon. To create a long-lasting competitive advantage, Ryan recommends that you “focus on building real demand the right way”. 🧠

Join Nicolas, Jason, and Ryan as they discuss the tried-and-true methods for upgrading your Amazon campaign and surging your sales. 🚀

Topics Include:
-The past, present and future of driving page one ranking on Amazon ⏰
-Other traffic sources: Organic and paid tools to expand your reach and sales 📈
-BoostRooster for simplifying and enhancing your campaign 💥
-Best practices for growing your sales and increasing your ranking on Amazon 📊

-Nicolas Martinez, Vice President of Marketing, VENDO
-Jason Weilenmann, Digital Media Buyer, VENDO
-Ryan Rigney, Founding Partner, BoostRooster & FiveRock





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