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Amazon vs. Walmart, two of the major players in e-commerce! – VENDO Podcast Ep. 84

At VENDO, we understand the intrinsic value that thought sharing offers our clients. 💸💰Consistent communication is integral in how we analyze trends and help our brands grow their businesses on both Amazon and Walmart Marketplace. 🚀 🚀

Join Leah Bicknell, Delaney Nicol, and Hiram Gonzalez as they examine key comparisons between Amazon and Walmart’s e-commerce strategies, explain how both giants are using innovation to command the digital retail space, and outline what a successful brand onboarding process looks like with either of these companies. 🔎 🏆🏆

Topics Include:
– The necessity of inter-team cohesiveness. (00:28)
– The key similarities and differences between Amazon and Walmart’s platforms (02:23)
– What do the onboarding processes look like for both of these platforms? (06:43)
– How innovations are enhancing the consumers’ online experience (15:26)
– Which of these companies is currently leading the e-commerce space? Will this maintain for the remainder of 2022? (21:19)
– Advice for brands and retailers attempting to launch on Amazon and Walmart (25:55)

Delaney Nicol & Hiram Gonzalez, Hybrid Account Strategists, VENDO
Leah Bicknell, Marketing Manager, VENDO





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