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Brand Peaks at #1 Search Results Ranking In Time For Prime Day





Keyword Ranking


Top 500 Overall Amazon Sales Ranking


A brand in the health-conscious food category wanted to reach the top of the search results for several high-volume keywords during the peak Prime Day period. However, they historically ranked poorly for these search terms and had limited success competing with established brands for organic ranking. Despite a low conversion rate, would reaching the top of Page 1 search results for a highly-relevant term during a peak period spark additional sales? 


  1. Analyzed ad data, historical trends, and proprietary metrics to determine potential profitability.   
  2. Developed a suite of on- and off-platform measures to boost organic search term ranking.
  3. Timed campaign to align with promotional calendar and seasonal Amazon search volume.
  4. Enlisted shoppers to buy the product in tandem with on- and off-platform advertising. The # of shoppers we enlisted was strategically determined in order to drive top of page 1 ranking within a 3–4-week period.  


The brand peaked at #1 search results ranking for the designated keywords (that have >100K/mo. combined monthly searches) just in time for Prime Day, leading to a shocking 2,321% increase in organic sales over the daily average during the peak period. In addition, this drove a Top 500 overall sales rank on Amazon during peak Prime Day period. Following Prime Day, the brand maintained its top position for several weeks and set a new baseline for daily sales by dominating the Amazon search ranking for a competitive, high-value keyword. 

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