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85 Sellers Removed, 95%+ buy box obtained, & 23% Sales increase


Sellers Removed




Buy box



MAP Pricing



Sales Increase


By Sneha Nisha, Account Health & Channel Control Specialist

Amazon is estimated to have more than 2.5 million third-party sellers on their platform. Without active enforcement, it’s easy for Amazon to become cluttered with low quality duplicate listings, copyright violations, trademark infringements, counterfeiters,  unauthorized resellers, MAP pricing violators, and more – all of which can significantly dilute the quality of any brand, not to mention hurt sales.

A brand within the Health & Household category on needed help in managing a large volume of grey-market sellers and removing counterfeit products from Amazon. The company had established a MAP Policy, but they were not enforcing it in a consistent way. This resulted in a loss of credibility causing third party sellers to continue to sell products as low as they wanted.


Vendo helped the brand develop a comprehensive enforcement strategy by:

  • Identifying the real identities of unauthorized sellers, and counterfeiters behind the store names on Amazon. This includes Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email Address.
  • Sending out legal notifications in volume directly to the unauthorized seller at their home or business approved by the brand.
  • Forcing the seller off the platform by filing Copyright, Trademark, Counterfeit & Listing Abuse Infringements.
  • Ensuring they do not return by putting reseller agreements into place.
  • Building the brand’s enforcement credibility against unauthorized sellers and counterfeiters.


  • 85 + Unauthorized Sellers removed.
  • Brand began to win the buy-box on their products 95-100% of the time.
  • The brand gained control of the MSRP.
  • In 8 weeks, the Buy Box increased by 13 %, which led to 23% increase in sales.
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