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CEO Spotlight: Matt Weir of Mambe Blanket – VENDO Podcast Ep 79

Matt Weir knows the first thing about having his plate full as a CEO. He founded Mambe Blanket in 1999 to create waterproof blankets for any and EVERY indoor and outdoor activity. 🌳🏕

Over 20 years later, Mambe Blanket has expanded their product lines and Matt has become busier than ever. Learning the ins and outs of selling on Amazon while managing the rest of the business was a heavy weight but VENDO joined in to do some of the heavy lifting. 🏋️‍♀️

Join Yoji and Matt as they reminisce about leveling up Mambe Blanket’s brand presence on Amazon. 🚀

Topics include:
– Facing issues with selling on Amazon (
– Using VENDO as a secret weapon (

– Matt Weir, Founder & CEO, Mambe Blanket 
– Yoji Cole, Business Development Director, VENDO





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