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CEO Spotlight with Barry Turner of Lenny and Larry’s – VENDO Podcast Ep. 93

On today’s episode of the podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting a very special guest 🕺. His name is Barry Turner, and he’s the founder of Lenny and Larry’s 🍪, a brand that has gained substantial traction 🏎 in the consumer-packaged goods market with the sales of their delicious Keto confections, and has been a pioneer in the industry since first launching their protein cookie in 1993.

Barry offers a unique story with an incredibly diverse professional background, which includes pursuing a career in baseball ⚾️, entering the world of professional wrestling 🤼‍♀️, being cast on the hit show American Gladiators, and actively operating within the real estate space 🏠!

Join us as Barry discusses his entrepreneurial journey, dives into some specifics about the Lenny and Larry’s brand 🤿 🏊, and shares his perspective on strategizing positive social media practices 📲 💯.

This is episode 93 of the VENDO podcast!

Topics Include:
– How Lenny and Larry’s got its start (00:40)
– The accident (02:38)
– Selling the company (04:14)
– Real Estate (05:24)
– The company’s substantial growth (06:08)
– Being conscientious about your LinkedIn presence (07:05)
– The importance of organic social media development (09:05)
– Lenny and Larry’s current hero item SKU (10:37)
– The future of Lenny and Larry’s (11:38)


– Barry Turner, Founder, Lenny and Larry’s
– Marty Laitre, Business & Development, VENDO






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