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Disrupting the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry Feat. Ryan Lewendon – VENDO Podcast Ep 80

From conception to exit and beyond, Giannuzzi Lewendon plays an active role in the lifecycle 🔄 of DISRUPTIVE consumer product companies. This week we sat down with Ryan Lewendon, Partner at Giannuzzi Lewendon, to explore his insights into the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs) industry.

The firm specializes in mergers and acquisitions, financing, product research and development, and much more. Ryan’s word of advice is to focus on brand growth 🌱 and product improvement 🛠, as conglomerate acquirers are looking to scoop up mature brands.

Join Ryan and Yoji as they discuss what makes the CPG industry collaborative, resilient, and most importantly, disruptive. 💥💥

Topics include:
– How Giannuzzi Lewendon helps to build brands (00:01:00)
– Ryan Lewendon’s background (00:04:11)
– Shifts in the CPGs industry (00:10:57)
– Giannuzzi Lewendon’s plans for expansion (00:17:54)
– Ryan’s insights on the CPGs industry (00:19:17)

– Ryan Lewendon, Partner, Giannuzzi Lewendon LLC
– Yoji Cole, Business Development Manager, VENDO





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