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Drive Amazon Sales with Targeted Cross-Promotions – VENDO Podcast Ep. 99

On this week’s episode🎙, we are focusing on an easy and effective strategy to drive awareness to multiple products in your catalog on Amazon. Targeted Cross-Promotion strategy is a great way to use your hero💪products as anchors⚓️ to support new products.

Join Nic and Josh as they discuss how this up-selling📈and cross catalog strategy can be used to launch new items, drive sales to complementary products, or breathe life into preexisting products.

Topics Include:
– Introduction of Targeted Cross-Promotion (1:03)
– What it looks like on Amazon (3:15)
– Case Study on Targeted-Cross Promotion (6:38)

– Nicolas Martinez, Vice President of Marketing, VENDO
– Josh Hong, Digital Marketing Manager, VENDO





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