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DTC to Amazon: The Pros, Cons, and Methods – VENDO Podcast Ep. 101

We have a special episode on the podcast this week! With marketplaces like Amazon that offer typically lower prices and faster shipping, DTC Brands are having difficulties competing for consumers. Join us as we speak with Helium 10 brand evangelist, Carrie Miller, as well as the Founder and CEO of Cahoot, Manish Chowdhary, as we discuss the pros, cons and methods of driving DTC traffic to Amazon.

Topics Include:
– The Benefits and Risks of Selling on Amazon for DTC Brands (02:48)
– Driving DTC to Amazon Via “Buy With Prime” Program (11:06)
– Driving DTC to Amazon Via a Link (16:08)
– Not Driving DTC to Amazon (25:07)

– Carrie Miller, Brand Evangelist and Customer Advocate, Helium 10
– Manish Chowdhary, Founder and CEO, Cahoot – Nicolas Martinez, VP of Marketing, VENDO
– Josh Hong, Digital Marketing Manager, VENDO





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