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Elevating Your Consumer Research with PickFu Feat. Justin Chen – VENDO Podcast Ep 68

On this episode, we had the pleasure of talking to Justin Chen, the Co-Founder of PickFu. As a self-service consumer research platform, PickFu streamlines users’ abilities to get feedback from hundreds of respondents on anything from product packaging, to copy, to infographics, and more. 🧠🗣

In PickFu’s early days, it was designed as a general-purpose tool, but over the years product image testing has become its most popular service offering.

VENDO has been using this miracle tool for several years. Our favorite part is being able to establish parameters and demographics for ideal respondents to receive lightning-fast feedback on their product choices. ⚡️

But what does Justin see as the trendiest features to add into your product listings? Well, anything that can provide the utmost detail for the consumers like visual representations of ingredients and product content layouts.

All in all, Justin, Nicolas, and Marlena agree that the more you pay attention to and test the fine details the better prepared you are to provide the highest quality customer experience. Join us, as we discuss the power of PickFu and how you can better tap into the minds of your consumers to convert like never before! 💥🚀

Topics Include:
– The advantages of using PickFu to research consumer preferences 🧐

– The past, present, and future of the PickFu platform ⏰
– How VENDO uses PickFu to optimize clients’ product page performance on Amazon and Walmart 📈
– Best practices for optimizing images in product listings 👊

– Justin Chen, Co-Founder, PickFu
– Marlena Caswell, Strategic Account Manager, VENDO
– Nicolas Martinez, Vice President of Marketing, VENDO





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