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Episode 12 – Maximize Your Amazon Brand Store


Did you know you can create your own mini-website/store on Amazon? And you can even give it your own branded URL?
In this episode we talk about the plethora of ways you can go about leveraging Amazon Brand Stores.

Topics include:
– What brand stores are
– Best practices: creating brand awareness, boosting social proof, leveraging seasonality, incorporating video content, cross-promoting your catalog, and boosting the performance of on-Amazon sales promotions
– On-Amazon ads to brand stores
– Off-Amazon ads to brand stores
– Off-Amazon marketing (i.e. organic media & email marketing)
– Tracking sales attribution when driving to brand stores
– New Features: shoppable images, bulk product uploads, hiding out of stocks, and more

– Vinicio, “VENDO Vinny”, Alvarez, Senior Strategic Analyst – VENDO
– Nicolas Martinez, Senior Marketing Strategist – VENDO

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