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Episode 21 – Nail Your Last Minute Prime Day Prep

Prime Day is right around the corner even if the official dates have not been confirmed yet (ahh, you gotta love Amazon 🙄).

SO, are YOU ready?!

If you’re like a lot of Amazon sellers out there, you have probably been confused by the constantly changing deadlines to submit deals, dates for the event, etc. But that’s okay, that’s why you have VENDO! 🤓

In this podcast we go over how you can nail the last minute prep for the biggest event of the year on Amazon (did you know 25% of U.S. households made a purchase on Prime Day last year?!).

Topics include:
• Promotional Structure: Pre-Prime, Main Event, Post-Prime
• Goals & Discounts
• Deal Types (🚨 Prime Exclusive Discounts are due this Friday, 9/25!)
• Boosting Sessions & Conversion Rate
• Inventory Management
• Amazon Ads
• External Marketing & Ads (i.e. social media, paid search, email, influencers, & more!)

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