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Episode 25 – NEW Updates: Item Optimization & Content Quality

Business owners should get into the habit of “buttoning-up,” 👔 which means getting filled in on all platform updates and revising your strategies accordingly. And you can expect PLENTY of updates with and their latest efforts to enhance the merchant experience.

Mark and Darren perform their routine CHECK-IN with what’s happening on the platform and how you can get ahead of the game. 🏀💯 Stay informed to stay ON TOP.

They share their opinions and predictions for what these changes may entail for sellers in the future. Find out what you now can and cannot do, and never miss a beat on business essentials. ☑️

Topics include:
• Omni merchant updates
• Item 360 tool rollout and how to use it 🛠
• New strategies for item optimization
• Leveraging reviews ⭐️
• Reviewing product presentation (copy and visuals) 🖼🎨
• Importance of understanding a content quality score 🔢
• How to smoothly transition into new system changes 🧘‍♂️

– Mark Jordan, Walmart Account Strategist, Vendo
– Darren Saul, CEO, Vendo

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