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Episode 27 – Rundown on Amazon’s New Buyer-Seller Messaging Guidelines

Amazon’s new communication guidelines for buyer-seller messages into full effect on November 6th! ⏰ Get ready for these changes with an overview on seller requirements for indirect and direct communication with customers. Messaging is CRUCIAL for keeping correspondence with third-party buyers and improving customer experiences. 💳

From order status messages to product review requests, communication ensures you provide the BEST costumer service along with your products. 😊👍

Nicolas goes over all the updates you need to know to be a proactive seller and gain helpful feedback from reviews. Keep those customers HAPPY! 🙏🙏🙏

Topics include:
• How to use permitted and proactive permitted messages to your advantage 💬
• New rules and things to avoid when talking to your buyers ⛔️
• Return/related messages
• Non-permitted messages ❌
• Styling guidelines 📝
• Other mandates and recommendations for using Amazon’s messaging service 📨

– Nicolas Martinez, Senior Marketing Strategist

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