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Episode 28 – How to MASTER Targeting on Facebook for Amazon

Facebook ads are one of the most powerful external traffic sources for Amazon sellers. 🤳📱A successful Facebook Ads campaign will benefit you by way of increased sales velocity, which leads to a higher BSR, better rankings and more profit.

The Facebook community continues to grow everyday with over 2 billion daily users. 👥With an average 35 minutes of use time per user, the platform is a hot spot for B2C and B2B advertising. Don’t let a single minute go to waste and get your brand on more screens! ⏱💻

Dariya offers her top advice on mastering Facebook targeting. Hone into your audience on one of the most popular platforms to-date. 🗣🗣🗣

Topics include:
• Targeting lookalike and custom audiences 🎯
• Nurture leads and build loyalty with Facebook Custom Audiences 😄🤜🤛😄
• Get super granular with Layered Targeting options

– Dariya Smailova, Digital Media Buyer, VENDO

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