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Episode 52 – In-Depth Look at Pacvue Advertising Software with Sok Khann

In previous episodes, there is no way you have heard Gefen and Michelle tackle advertising without mentioning Pacvue.

VENDO invites Sok Khann, Director of Customer Success at Pacvue, to expand upon what this powerful advertising tool can do for your Amazon and business.🛠

We learn that people who are advertising on are also managing other channels. One thing to keep in mind is that Walmart’s ad auction adds an additional element to a successful advertising strategy. 📈✏️

Sok, Michelle, and Gefen give us the lowdown on options to boost your brand’s presence on various marketplaces.

Find out how to avoid overshooting bids and curate effective campaigns. Your game plan depends on various factors such as the product category, supply and demand, and targeting! We’ll also uncover similarities between Walmart and Amazon as the two compete to beat each others numbers! 🧮💵

Topics include:
– Auction bidding 💸
– Budget parameters on 📊
– OPD releases
– Advertising presence 🖼

– Sok Khann, Director of Customer Success, Pacvue
– Gefen Laredo, Amazon Advertising Manager, VENDO
– Michelle Long, Walmart Marketing Strategist, VENDO






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