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Episode 53 – Sell More on Amazon & Walmart via TikTok

A lot of times people think TikTok is not serious, but don’t be fooled by current viral videos on TikTok! They’re not just entertaining videos made by the Generation Z.

👯‍♀️ Did you know that TikTok has about 1 billion monthly active users?  🤯 Now is the time to outsmart the competition and reach those huge audiences. Much like advertising on any other platform, you have to learn the algorithm to maximize your presence and following.

📱⚡️ No two “For You” feeds are going to be exactly the same, due to the sheer number of factors and variations involved; as the name implies, these recommendations have been carefully curated for you.

Dariya will go through all her recommendations for landing on more “For You” pages, as well as other tips to get on this booming platform. Simply follow these guidelines: 1) Build your presence. 👋 2) Produce HIGHLY ENGAGING and entertaining videos. 🤣 3) Define your target audience. 🎯 4) Combine your audiences. 📣 Lastly, 5) Create shorter videos with trending effects.

🕺 Let’s get creative and SELL MORE!

Topics include:
– Hashtags #️⃣
– User interactions and the algorithm 📈
– Using filters and effects
– Integrating TikTok into other social media

– Darıya Smailova, Senior Digital Media Buyer Manager, VENDO






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