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Episode 56 – Last Minute Prime Day 2021 Tips!

It’s that time of the year again! 🎉 PRIME DAY—The opportune time to show off your brand in this annual celebration of fast shipping and hard-to-beat deals. Hopefully, you’ve been prepping for this major event but if not, don’t sweat! 😅 We’ve got helpful LAST MINUTE tips to help optimize your inventory, deal offerings, and bids for the boost in traffic and sales.

There are some last minute checks YOU MUST make before sending off for the big event. First off, inventory—you can expect your numbers to skyrocket around this time and you want to be ready to provide. 🤞

Coupons and securing your deal status is also a way to combat suppression and ensuring you’ve got ridiculously tempting offers that’ll be hard to refuse.

You’ll also find a jump in recommended ad bids so you’ll want to make multiple optimizations each day. Don’t let the ad budget run out!

And of course, promote off-Amazon. Social, paid search, website, email—the whole host of ways to capture your audiences! 🔧

Topics include:
-Stock Up Inventory for both FBA and FBM 🎁
-Setup Deals & Check Deal Status 💸
-Ramp Up Bids & Budgets for on-Amazon Ads
-Promote off of Amazon 🔌

– Nicolas Martinez, VP of Marketing, VENDO






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