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Episode 64 – NEW Amazon Data Features for Leveling Up Advertising Performance

When it comes to advertising data visualization, Amazon is certainly moving the needle. Recently, Amazon launched exciting features that brands can use to optimize their advertising performance. ⚡️

Today we’re tackling the new data that you’ll find in your dashboard including Top Search Impression Share, Targeting, Budget Rules, and much more!

Collecting as much data as possible can make the difference for your brand. By extracting information from your data, you can expand your authority on the platform, increase organic placement in search results, and beat out your competitors. 🚀💥

Data points can be a bit intimidating at times, so join Gefen and Jason as they lay out exactly what these features do and how to use them to make actionable changes to your advertising.

Amazon is continuing to roll out new data points for its dashboard, so remember to stay up to date and check back in with us so that your brand can consistently dominate. 💪

Topics include:
– Examining your Top of Search Impression Share 🔍
– Setting a Daily Account Budget Cap 💸
– Exploring your Campaign Level Budgets 📊
– Creating Budget Rules 📝
– Scanning your Targeting Data 📈

– Gefen, Amazon Advertising Manager, Vendo
– Jason, Digital Media Buyer, Vendo






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