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Episode 65 – Amazon Onsite Editorials Pt. 2 – Analyzing & Optimizing Performance

On Episode 63, we tackled how to create and run a high-performing Amazon Onsite Editorial. This week we’re continuing the conversation by taking a closer look at exactly how they lift sales. 🧐

As a refresher, Amazon Onsite Editorials are product-related content that help customers discover new products, and they’re one of the latest secret weapons for optimizing your organic search rankings and boosting ad performance 🤫. And, if optimized properly, they can be an evergreen strategy that is an impactful piece of your overall Amazon growth plan.

Consistently monitoring your editorial’s performance is crucial for knowing when and how to refresh its content so that it remains relevant and appealing for customers.

Launching an editorial alongside marketing initiatives, like an event-based sale, will drive ranking and relevance for your product, leading to increased sales and return-on-investment! 💥

There’s a multitude of other best practices, so join Nicolas as he spells out what you can do to enhance the performance of your Amazon Onsite Editorial and maximize the likelihood of sales. 💰💸

Topics include:
– Examining KPIs to Assess Editorial Performance 📊
– Tracking Share of Voice/Placement % of an Editorial 🔍
– Refreshing Editorials to Maintain Relevance 📝
– Launching Editorials In Line with Event-Based Sales 🚀
– Setting Expectations for Amazon Onsite Editorials 🤔

– Nicolas Martinez, Vice President of Marketing, VENDO






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