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Establish YOUR Memorable Brand in 2022!

By Shelby Smith, Strategic Account Manager, VENDO

My co-workers Greg Rudolph and Nnaemeka Alozie released a great podcast on NEW ECOMMERCE TRENDS FOR 2022!

Nnaemeka starts off the podcast with this line “…brands are going to need to do more to be effective from an ecommerce standpoint. Long gone are the days of I have product, I place product, I sell. Now it’s I have product, I build brand, I build awareness, I build recognition- THEN I figure out how to give my customers the best possible product.” 

As I reflect on my time at Expo West 2022, the companies that left an impression on me are the companies who have established great brands that consumers can relate to regardless of if they are shopping on, Amazon, Instacart, etc. We all know the trendy highlights in the consumer-packaged goods industry such as plant-based, gluten free, etc. But what makes your brand the best product within these trends? For example, what makes your dairy alternative milk stand out from the others? What leads consumers to purchase Califia Farms Oat Milk vs. Oatly Oat Milk? How do you get your brand to resonate with consumers within your given product category?  

I’ve expanded on Nnaemeka’s statement on what I believe makes a memorable CPG brand in 2022: 

1. “I have a product”:

Strategically develop what your brand is selling to customers, research your desired audience, choose your focus and evaluate what product you can confidently offer customers. Building a solid foundation will help ensure your brand can deliver the product to customers as demand rises. If the products disappoint the customer, the perception of the brand is hindered as a direct reflection of the experience the product offered.

2. “I build a brand”:

Educate your consumer on what your brand stands for beyond the product you are selling. Building a brand that customers can relate to is the difference between brands that succeed and brands that don’t. Educate customers on the purpose of your brand, incorporate ethical and sustainability efforts you are passionate about, and remain consistent about your “why”.

3. “I build awareness”:

Leveraging the digital real estate that social media and eCommerce platforms offer to brands in an efficient way to expand awareness is low hanging fruit in today’s digital ecosystem. These digital platforms provide an avenue to educate consumers about your brand purpose and not just the product you sell. Ensure you are building relationships and creating relatable content for your targeted audience. Regardless of which platform consumers interact with your brand or purchase products from, the brand experience should be seamless and synergistic.

4. “I build recognition”:

Investing in building brand awareness is the glue that leads to a cohesive consumer experience. As you spread brand awareness and relate to consumers, the recognition follows. Having a brand that consumers recognize when shopping online or in-store ultimately aids in their final purchase decision between your item and your competitors.

All the factors outlined above feed into the consumer decision making process. Missing any of these key components in today’s digital age can allow for competing brands to steal a potential purchase and loyalty from your consumers, ultimately gaining a competitive advantage.

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