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Google To Amazon: Top Tips and Tools – VENDO Podcast Ep. 103

This week on the VENDO Podcast, we sit down with Carbon6’s, Community Ambassador, Clayton Atchinson and VENDO’s Digital Media Buyer, Greg Rudolph to discuss tips and tools of driving paid social and paid search back to Amazon. Driving Google Ad traffic to Amazon is a great way to connect with potential customers and to increase brand awareness.

Topics Include:
– Overview on How to Create Profitable Off-Amazon Ads Through Paid Search (4:53)
– Using PixelMe to Drive Traffic to Amazon (6:43)
– Sending Off-Amazon Traffic to Amazon (8:00)
– Driving Google Ads to Amazon for DTC Brands (11:56)
– Pros and Cons of Using Landing Pages (16:10)
– Driving External Traffic to Your Amazon Listing (19:12)
– Using Amazon as a Marketing Platform (21:22)
– Driving Google Traffic to Amazon & Organic Keyword Rank (23:40)

– Clayton Atchinson, Community Ambassador, Carbon6
– Greg Rudolph, Digital Media Buyer, VENDO
– Nicolas Martinez, VP of Marketing, VENDO





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