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How to Improve Organic Ranking

Jacob May, Strategic Account Manager, VENDO


Over the past few years, we have seen an exponential increase in traffic across many e-commerce platforms. Among the leaders in growth is Largely known for their Brick-and-Mortar presence, Walmart has made tremendous strides with their e-commerce platform and capabilities. When there is growth, there is also opportunity and competition. To become a successful seller on, you will need to ensure you rank as high as possible organically on Walmart’s site. This will ensure that Walmart’s millions of online shoppers will be able to view your product instantly, rather than searching through pages of items.

Why is Organic Rank Important?

The most important and most obvious reason that organic rank is important is because this allows shoppers to view your product easier. You do not want customers having to search through multiple pages of other items before they’re able to view your product. Another key reason to rank high organically is advertising capabilities. Walmart’s requirement for advertisers to win search in-grid placement is to be organically ranked 128th on the page or higher.

Steps to Improve Organic Rank


#1: Align Your Product’s Content to Walmart’s Style Guide

Walmart has built out category-specific style guides to give their suppliers guidance on how to fully optimize their product pages. The closer your content is to the style guide, the more likely you will have a high “content quality score”. If you have a high content quality score, your content will align with the attributes within Walmart’s algorithm that ranks products higher organically based off higher content scores. The style guide for your category can be found within Supplier Help.

#2: Fast Shipping

Another key step to high organic ranking is to qualify for the 2-day shipping badge. Per Walmart, if a seller enables two-day shipping, they have seen up to a 40% increase in GMV. Walmart Marketplace has specific qualifications for sellers to qualify for 2-day shipping. If you are a 1P seller, your item will need to be in stock in Walmart’s fulfillment centers and/or stores to qualify for 2-day shipping.

#3: Drive Brand Awareness to Increase Clicks

The final step to increase organic placement is increasing the amount of clicks your product receives. This can be done through multiple tactics including Walmart On-Site Advertising, Tik Tok Ads, Instagram Ads, and various other social media campaigns and promotions. This increase in visibility will drive customers to your product page, which increases the click count. Walmart’s algorithm will rank items higher on the page that have a high number of clicks.


Organic ranking is extremely important in your item succeeding on If you make sure that your content aligns properly, you qualify for 2-day shipping, and you’re driving customers to your item on, you will highly increase your chances to organically rank higher on Walmart’s platform.

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