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Maintaining a Top of Page 1 Amazon Ranking Via External Marketing Strategies

Amazon KEYWORD Ranking





A grocery brand needed to increase sales and ranking for their product. In order to do so, marketing efforts were conducted off-Amazon via Facebook ads, Facebook messenger, and other synchronized tools and softwares.

These efforts were aimed at driving ranking on high-value (high search volume + highly relevant) keywords. Upon ranking on page one for such keywords, Vendo has been able to maintain the position, thus driving sales, as well as attention to other products in their catalog.


In order to achieve page one ranking, Vendo:

  • Conducted research using various analytical tools to determine the most fitting keyword and number of daily sales needed
  • Advertised to their target population through a third-party platform. 
  • Issued full-money rebates to customers who purchased.


In order to maintain page one ranking and customer satisfaction, Vendo: 

  • Created a process that led to rebated organic sales being registered on Amazon until the ranking sustained without them. 
  • Offered a memorable customer service experience through close communications via FB messenger.
  • Prompted voluntary reviews by all customers (~50% review rates)


Post-implementation of the previously described tactics, the company was able to land top of page one for their unique keyword. At the beginning of the campaign, the company’s product ranked #38 for the selected keyword, and in less than one month, it reached to #1. Despite minor fluctuation of their position, the company remains on page one today. Furthermore, the creation of organic sales and prompted reviews created revenue and attention to many of their products.

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