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#1 amazon RANKING obtained in under 1 week



Record-breaking # of products sold


A beauty e-Commerce retailer struggled to gain Amazon sales as they were not appearing on page 1 for popular category related keywords. In terms of gaining traction on Amazon, a listing’s position and ranking is important. To successfully launch a new product or push an existing listings ranking (as well as capture customer contact info that can be used for remarketing) Chatbot campaigns are a powerful tool. Implementation of this Chatbot would help the brand’s sales and place them at a strategic advantage.


  • VENDO conducted research to ensure campaign targeting went towards the most effective keywords.
  • We implemented a Chatbot that used a middleman link to Facebook (Meta) traffic ads.
  • Ensured that ads were receiving the needed number of subscribers into bot campaign.
  • VENDO built a list of brand customers and stored data to drive traffic to future listings for newly launched products or promotions for existing products.


  • Within less than a week of implementation, organic ranking increased from position #6 to position #1 on Amazon. 
  • Furthermore, the brand distributed a record-breaking number of products within that short time frame.
  • Through using a Chatbot campaign, the brand has been able to hold their page 1 position on Amazon and collect new customer data that can be used for future promotions, product launches, review requests, and more!
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