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Page 1 Search Ranking and 7x Growth in 1 Week

Top of Page 1 Ranking

For 2 High-Value Keywords

7x Sales Growth

in 1 Week

LONGterm sustainability

Of Ranking and Sales

bestseller hero product



A health & personal care brand had a mouthwash they wanted to get to page 1 of Amazon’s search results for a highly valuable and highly relevant keyword, “natural mouthwash.” Why? To capture the increase in organic traffic and sales that come from having this higher position in the search results and thus capture market share from the competition.


We conducted research using various analytical tools and came to the understanding that competing products on page 1 search results for the keyword, “natural mouthwash”, sold on average about 300 units a week. Thus, we knew in order to achieve this ranking, we would need to ensure the brand’s product met or exceeded this sales velocity. By leveraging a 3rd-party platform of ready-to-buy Amazon customers, we were able to distribute 300 90% off discount codes over 7 days, thus “manufacturing” 300 real sales.

To maximize results, we also ramped up our advertising efforts (increased bids and budget; in particular, for the targeted keyword, natural mouthwash) and ensured the product page was designed to convert at a high rate (high quality images and infographics, enhanced brand content, optimized features, competitive review count/rating, and competitive pricing).


By the end of the 7 days, the brand’s product was fluctuating between positions number 1 and 5 on page 1 for “natural mouthwash”. Organic sales were coming in at 35 units/week, which marked 7x growth to what it had previously been getting – 5 units a week.

This major increase in organic sales velocity sustained several months into the future, thus launching the product onto Amazon in a very powerful way and creating a halo effect for other products in the brand’s catalog, as they too began to see incremental growth.

Fast forward over a year, and the product is still at the top of page 1 not just for the primary targeted keyword of natural mouthwash, but also for several other high-value secondary keywords (i.e. “whitening mouthwash”) as well.

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