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Pro Seller’s Guide to a Successful Launch on – Vendo Podcast Ep 66 is shaking things up with their recent changes to their site. The clear layout to its pages make for easier navigation, something that’s catching the interest of both customers and suppliers looking to capture more of the market. 👀

Today, Carmella, Pablo, and Chelsea are diving into the different channels you can use to launch your products on and the 3 best practices for distinguishing your brand in today’s competitive environment. 💥💪

When you combine high-quality core content in your product displays with exceptional advertising and strong product ratings, your brand will experience credibility and visibility that is unmatched by your competitors.

Whether you choose to use’s Owned, Drop Ship (DSV), or Marketplace channels, VENDO can help design your strategy so your conversions skyrocket once you launch. 🚀

We’ve got the lowdown on all the tricks for boosting your potential as a supplier on, so come along as we unravel what it takes to be a top supplier. 👆

Topics Include:
– Recent Changes to 🔄

– The 3 Channels on Owned, Drop Ship Vendor (DSV), Marketplace
– 3 Essentials for Achieving a Successful Launch ✅
– Important Factors to Be Considered for’s Owned or DSV Channels 👊

– Carmella Shilito, Strategic Account Manager, VENDO
– Pablo Solar-Sanchez, Strategic Account Manager, VENDO
– Chelsea Zhang, Strategic Account Manager, VENDO





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