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Product launches with 80% of sales attributed to targeted cross-promotion strategy


of sales came from cross-promotion



hero product sales


Top 100 for Target KW within 2 Weeks

Top ½ percentile of catalog


One of our brand partners created a unique acne body spray and wanted to drive extra visibility for the launch without increasing ad spend. They already had several best-sellers/hero products and so we put together a strategy to drive awareness, traffic, and sales from those heroes to the new product. 

Utilizing their best seller (“hero” product), we were able to cross-promote from their hero item and drive traffic to their new product.  


  1. Setup a promotion in Seller Central tying the hero products to the new product. In other words, the new product was anchored to the hero.   
  2. In specific, we set up the promotion so that the customer will get a 25% OFF discount when purchasing both the hero and the new product; however, the 25% discount would only apply to the new product thus protecting some profit margin. In doing so, we were not only driving up traffic and sales on the new product, but still driving sales on the preexisting product, so that we could boost the average order value (AOV).
  3. In setting up the promotion in this way, the hero product page had a call-to-action that was shown very prominently right next to the buy-box (see the image below).


  • Within the first 30 days of launching the new product, 80% of the sales were directly attributed to the cross-promotion 
  • We ranked the new product within the top 100 for a high-value keyword, “Acne Spray” within only 2 weeks, and broke into page 1 shortly after.
  • The hero product also saw a ~5% increase in unit sales during the promotion 
  • The new product ranked #15 out of their 38 total products 
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