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Sales Increase 129% when switching from Vendor Central to Seller Central



Increase in Sales




Out of StockS



A dietary supplement brand needed help transitioning from Vendor Central to Seller Central. During this process, they wanted to make sure that they didn’t go out of stock as well as minimize loss in sales during this process. 



  1. Conduct inventory and sales analysis to determine current sell through rate 
  2. Ship inventory into to Seller Central, but put the price a bit higher than VENDOR Central so the Vendor Central offer will win the buy-box and continue selling 
  3. Set products to unavailable in VENDOR Central to prevent Amazon from placing future PO’s 
  4. Optimized VENDOR Central ad campaigns to help sell through the remaining inventory 
  5. As VENDOR Central sales and inventory decrease, Seller Central sales will increase 
  6. Once the product is completely out of stock on VENDOR Central, change the price back to normal on Seller Central 
  7. SELL MORE! 


By following this strategic process, the brand didn’t see a loss in sales nor did it go out of stock; more so, they saw a 129% increase in sales! 

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