Seasonal Planning for Walmart:
Buyer Relationship & Bigger Bets to Boost Sales
Case Study


Growth (for same week)
vs. LY



WoW Growth



YoY Growth


Walmart held its’ first ever Summer Savings event July 2019 to mirror Amazon’s Prime Day event. One housewares brand we represent was asked by a buyer to present a compelling offer for the online event. We have maintained a great buyer relationship in this specific category, which is why we were pushed so hard to present a deal. Since the discount asked of us was so large, we needed to secure a PO large enough to make it worth the brands discount effort.

This partner in particular sells their items both on Walmart and Amazon so we had to plan months in advance to find a differing item that would not be discounted for Prime Day so the offer could be stand alone on Walmart. We secured a 10,000 unit PO in return for a 35% discount. For such a large PO in a 4 day discount period, the brand was required to blast out the deal on their respective social media channels while Walmart agreed to feature the item on their affiliate marketing lists as well as feature the item top of relevant searches and have special discount flags.


  • Buyer relationship, seasonal planning, social media blasts from Brand and Influencers featuring the deal.
  • Added site placement in the form of SKU boosts, catapults and banners.
  • A feature in Walmart’s affiliate marketing list.


508% WoW Growth

25% YoY Growth

Spurred a 25% increase in growth vs LY

Up 810% vs LY Same Week

598% growth vs LW

Strengthened buyer relationship because of participation and set stage for better holiday planning and access to special buys and deals