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Social Media Advertising to Amazon

By Dariya Smailova, Digital Media Buyer

Did you know that Amazon absolutely loves external traffic? So much that it ranks sales from external traffic ads 3 times higher than their own native ad platform.

Thus, it is very important that you use external advertising strategies to drive traffic to Amazon.

If your external advertising strategy is well planned and executed, you can achieve a big increase in sales and positive reviews, brand recognition outside of Amazon (which eventually will help your website sales as well), boost your keyword ranking on Amazon, and even get the Best Seller badge.

There are so many social media platforms out there, and if you are new to the digital advertising world it can get pretty confusing. No worries though – the VENDO team has you covered! Here are several strategies that were tested and proven by our team to drive successful external advertising traffic to Amazon:

1) Facebook Ads

If Amazon is the King of e-commerce, Facebook is the King of social media. Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp and is the largest social network in the world with 2.6 billion monthly active users worldwide. Moreover, Facebook has the most sophisticated and robust ad platform with very precise audience targeting and a variety of ad objectives for every business need.

When creating Facebook ads for driving traffic to Amazon, it is most often better not to send direct traffic to an Amazon listing or a brand store, but instead to send it to a landing page with an offer (coupon code) in exchange for a customer’s full name and email. By doing that you will be able to track traffic from the Facebook ad with the Facebook pixel (by installing it to your landing page) and you will be able to use the customer’s email for future remarketing, customer service, review follow ups, and more. As you may know, Amazon does not allow you to install any tracking codes from the external advertising platforms, so using a landing page will help with tracking the conversions and attribution.

2) Pinterest Ads

If you are reading this article in 2020, you probably remember how 2020 felt. Very political. Pinterest is one of the platforms that is politics-free, and it has seen an increase in users in 2020 running away from the harsh realities of our modern world and looking for motivation and inspiration on a platform. People search for a solution to problems in a visual form on Pinterest, so if you sell physical products, it is a perfect platform for you. Pinterest is a search engine, which means you have to always think about keywords that users will input to find certain pins and boards. To understand the Pinterest algo.rithm, research a similar product to yours and see which keywords they are using. Pinterest has a great ad platform, where you can create different types of ads with objectives of traffic, conversions, brand awareness, video views, or catalog sales. To drive traffic to Amazon, it is recommended to also drive traffic from Pinterest to a landing page, so you can track customer journey via a Pinterest pixel, as well as get a customer’s email. Since Pinterest is a very visual platform, it is important to have appealing visual assets to use for pins and then promote those pins as ads.

3) Snapchat

While Snapchat and TikTok are very different platforms, they both are famous for their short and engaging video format. If you have enough video content to promote on Snapchat or TikTok, you should definitely give it a try. Snapchat ad platform has a great feature called Snap Publisher, that allows you to edit your videos, add filters, and CTA buttons. It can turn your static images into a highly engaging and eye-catching video content. Snapchat also has a very precise audience targeting, so you can target people by their age, interests, and even by lifestyles, e.g. beachgoers, surfers, vegans, etc. You can create traffic and conversion campaigns on Snapchat and drive traffic to either Amazon brands store if traffic is vetted, or better to a landing page, where you can also install Snap Pixel and can ask for customer’s email.

4) TikTok

TikTok is another great platform to run external ads to Amazon. Up until July of 2020, Tik Tok ad platform was available only to selected advertisers (including VENDO) but now it is open to all businesses. A lot of beauty brands on Amazon are taking advantage of Tik-Tok and its how-to beauty video; for example, the “…#amazonfinds hashtag has received over 720 million views on TikTok, with its top posts featuring a range of beauty gadgets like ring lights, face rollers, and scalp massagers. According to an Amazon spokesperson, beauty and personal care sales nearly doubled year-over-year in April, with skincare and bath products being the top categories. Outside of these categories, the company said blue and pink hair dye — favorites for TikTok egirls — have been selling well.” So, if you decide to test TikTok to drive traffic to Amazon, make sure to familiarize yourself with current trends and dance challenges.

Overall, whichever platform you decide on to generate traffic to your Amazon store, make sure you A/B test your creatives, ad copy, and targeting and give it at least 2 weeks of testing. Driving external traffic to Amazon is a great strategy to boost sales, increase ranking, and get more customers. Listen to your customers and current social media trends, and you will find success in the Amazon world.

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