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The Importance of Cost Per Click! – VENDO Podcast Ep. 86

Simply put, CPC is the cost per click that any given ad receives. This crucial calculation applies to all sorts of ads, such as ones that appear on the results page of search engines, display ads, and ads that appear on social media too! 💻📲

It is essential for marketers to consider CPC because it measures the price for any given eCommerce brand’s paid advertising campaigns. 💰💰💰 The goal of marketers should be to reduce the price of clicks while simultaneously cultivating high-quality clicks, and conversions, for their customers. In today’s episode, Media Buyers Gefen and Matan Laredo help us understand how VENDO processes this important metric to offer a more competitive advantage for our clients. 🏄🏽‍♂️ 🏋🏿‍♂️

– Why are Amazon CPC costs rising? (00:45)
– Where do we see these CPC costs rising within the landscape and how do we manage them? (02:16)
– Branded Product Targeting and lowering Branded CPC (5:04)
– Strategizing to lower CPC in the Non-Branded space (9:07)
– Incremental bidding (15:40)

Gefen Laredo, Head of Media Buying, VENDO
Matan Laredo, Media Buyer, VENDO





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