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The Walmart Omni World: Selling In-Store & Online – VENDO Podcast Ep. 113

The Walmart Omni World continues to grow! Join us this week on the podcast as we dive into both the digital and brick & mortar sides of Walmart and how to use them together to create a strong shopper experience. Jen Carnes, Director of Sales at Team Direct Management, Shelby Smith, Senior Growth Strategist from VENDO, and Darren Saul, CEO from VENDO talk about how to bridge the gap between eCommerce and in-store shopping to maximize Walmart’s ever-growing Omni Channel.

Topics Include:
– Walmart Growth from Brick and Mortar to Omni (1:20)
– VENDO’s Role – Walmart Omni Channel: eCommerce Focus (6:50)
– Team Direct’s Role – Walmart Omni Channel: Brick and Mortar, merchant relationships (8:35)
– Digital & Brick and Mortar Collaborating to Create a Strong Shopper Experience (11:40)
– Advice for New Suppliers: Utilizing Walmart Marketplace (14:00)
– Being an Expert in Your Category (17:37)
– The Importance of Serving the Customer (19:18)
– Omni Channel Strategies Moving Forward(21:22)

– Jen Carnes, Director of Sales, Team Direct Management
– Shelby Smith, Senior Growth Strategist, VENDO
– Darren Saul, CEO, VENDO





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