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Using URL Genius to Maximize Your Sales! – VENDO Podcast Ep. 91

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In this week’s episode of the VENDO podcast, we are very pleased to welcome Scott Allen from URL Genius. 👏 Today our special guest speaks with us about the ways in which this incredibly intuitive platform can benefit e-commerce brands with a specific focus on its applications in the Amazon marketplace. 🎯

Join us as Scott provides an informative demo of the platform to provide viewers with greater insights into what makes the application so effective and helps us better understand why making the move to URL Genius is the right move for you and your brand. 💣👌 One key example he provides is how it forces apps such as Amazon and Walmart to open when a link is clicked on mobile, rather than opening within the current browser. We will discuss how doing so provides for a more user-friendly customer experience thereby driving up sales conversions and increasing efficiency.

Topics Include:
– About URL Genius – 00:28
– URL Genius with Amazon – 03:08
– How to create a link in URL genius – 09:55
– Link breakdown & details – 12:00
– Why we use URL Genius – 14:28
– Final thoughts – 16:45

– Scott Allen, Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer, URL Genius
– Josh Hong, Digital Marketing Coordinator, VENDO





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