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Utilizing PR to Drive Organic Growth for Prime Day





Commission Back
(via the Brand Referral Bonus Program)






VENDO wanted to capitalize on the ongoing growth of one of the top oral care brands on Amazon and so implemented a performance-based (CPC) PR strategy for their Prime Day campaign. In previous years, the brand turned to on-Amazon activations by utilizing coupons for their lead in strategy for Prime Day. However, they wanted to drive additional traffic/sales externally to generate more ranking juice.

PPC-based PR helped not only generate external traffic and sales but also capitalized on utilizing Brand Referral Bonuses to obtain 10% back from any attributable sales from the campaign. With the allotted spend and the bonus, VENDO was able to see a 2x ROAS for the brand. 


    1. VENDO – in collaboration with their PR partner – researched, sourced, conducted outreach, negotiated, and secured an on-target premium publisher for the campaign, which, in this instance was, Refinery 29.
    2. VENDO created an Amazon Attribution link to not only obtain Brand Referral Bonus, but also to see DPV, ATC, CTR, and CVR metrics.
    3. VENDO ensured a discount was live to entice the external customers to purchase, thereby driving up the CVR.


VENDO wanted to explore other avenues of obtaining ranking and sales growth during Prime Day and thus introduced CPC editorials. As a result, the brand saw a 2x ROAs and 3x views during the time of the publication being live. Combined with other levers from VENDO, this strategy helped the brand reach the Top 3 products within the oral whitening subcategory on Amazon.
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