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924% sales lift – vanity planet prime day strategy (Black friday/cyber monday takeaways!)

140K+ Reach

3K+ Link Clicks


Sales Lift vs. Average



Sales Lift vs Prime Day 2020



In 2010, Alex Dastmalchi sought out to provide quality self-care products at an affordable cost. Today, the Dastmalchi organization owns and operates a collection of lifestyle, beauty, and wellness brands with products that are customer centered. One of these brands is the high-performing, skin-inclusive, self-care essentials for everyone, known as Vanity Planet. “With the desire to produce top-selling skincare, we evolve our everyday beauty routine so we can continuously lead the charge in beauty technology. Since 2014, our belief is to bring our strong history of innovation and craftsmanship to bring additional value to the overall beauty industry. The large Vanity Planet community of beauty enthusiasts can expect trend-forward wellness products that deliver spa-grade experiences at home and that suit every skin type. We never cut corners when it comes to style, function, and attainability.”

To extend their attainable holistic virtues beyond the existing Vanity Planet community, we put together a comprehensive plan for 2021’s Amazon Prime Day Event. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Amazon Prime Day, it is an annual deals event exclusively for Amazon Prime members. With more than one million deals worldwide, you can expect to find the best deals on products that range across everything. In specific, Vanity Planet’s target audience was individuals interested in affordable beauty products that would improve their everyday self-care routine. Various promotional tactics were considered and applied prior, during, and after Prime Day so we could have a successful outreach. These strategies amassed great traffic, an increase in sales, and new Vanity Planet community members.


Pre-Prime Lead Up: Leading up to Prime Day, our team worked alongside Vanity Planety to run a promotion that began on June 14th and offered 15% off all Vanity Planet products along with two-day free shipping. Advertising for this promotion was conducted via the Facebook platform and directed potential customers to the Vanity Planet Amazon storefront. The ad consisted of graphics that coincided with the overall aesthetic of Vanity Planet so that there was a sense of familiarity with the brand. Furthermore, the text used on the ad highlighted upon a savings alert and urgency since it was a limited-time event.

Prime Main Event: For 48 hours on June 21st until the 22nd, our team ran the Vanity Planet main event deal. This promotion offered customers discounts ranging from 25% to 28% off all Vanity Planet products along with standard two-day free shipping. Creatives for this ad showcased some of our best-selling beauty technology tools and emphasized on the exclusivity of this deal.

Post-Prime Lead Out: The final promotional effort conducted for the Prime Day special was the lead-out event. We ran this savings alert after the 48-hour main event until June 29th. Just like the pre-Prime Day event, the lead out offered 15% off all Vanity Planet products plus two-day free shipping. Ad content was identical to the pre-Prime Day event but focused on customers who might have missed out on the main event deal and want the opportunity to still participate.


Through the various promotional tactics applied before, during, and after this year’s Prime Day event, we were able to generate much success in sales and added to the Vanity Planet community.

Based on the generated data, it is evident that the pre-Prime Day sale was the most successful and translated sales for our main event and lead out. With about 100,000 impressions, customers were directed to the Vanity Planet Amazon storefront where they were amongst the first to receive exclusive Prime Day offers.

Pre-Prime Lead Up: Results generated from the pre–Prime Day ad were 2,246 link clicks, a reach of 76,368, and close to 100,000 impressions. The ad ended on June 20th and created a great amount of traffic for the Prime Day main event.

Prime Main Event: Reach and impressions for this ad rounded up to nearly 50,000 each. Overall sales increased by 2x the amount since the pre-Prime Day promotion.

Post-Prime Lead Out: Reach for this ad amounted to 45,000 and impressions were at 50,000.  The overall performance of this promotion was closely aligned to that of the main event.

Overall: Results from all three campaigns were a total of 191,050 impressions and a reach of 143,362. Furthermore, link clicks that sent shoppers to Amazon ranged from 1,000 to 2,000 for each campaign.

Not only did participating in Prime Day allow Vanity Planet to build upon Alex Dastmalchi’s vision of creating quality self-care items at an affordable price, but it amassed new community members. Through extending the products on platforms that make a quality beauty routine attainable for all skin types, we also increased sales by an outstanding amount. The promotional tactics developed helped create a successful Prime Day that will continue our efforts in reshaping the beauty industry into having style, function, and attainability.

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