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Q4 Amazon & Walmart Growth

1. Live Kick-Off + Q&A

Start time: 8:30AM, Wednesday, October 27th PST
Agenda: Join our team of experts for a discussion about the presentations, plus an open Q&A session

2. Amazon Marketing, Advertising, Inventory & Sale Structure

Start time: 9:00AM, Wed, October 27th PST

Agenda: Black Friday/Cyber Monday aka Turkey 5 Comprehensive Plan

3. Amazon Advertising

Start time: 10:00AM, Wed, October 27th PST

Agenda: Leveraging New Sponsored Display Features After Black Friday/Cyber Monday

4. Amazon External Advertising

Start time: 11:00AM, Wed, October 27th PST

Agenda: How to Drive External Traffic to Amazon During Q4 (The Right Way)

5. Amazon Creative

Start time: 12:00PM, Wed, October 27th PST

Agenda: Optimizing your Amazon Creative Assets for the Holiday

6. Amazon Data Analytics & Creative

Start time: 1:00PM, Wed, October 27th PST

Agenda: A/B Testing Product Page Content

7. Walmart Management

Start time: 2:00PM, Wed, October 27th PST

Agenda: How to Sell on

8. Walmart Advertising

Start time: 3:00PM, Wed, October 27th PST

Agenda: Advertising – How to WIN in Q4