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Q4 Amazon & Walmart Growth

It’s Q4, the busiest time of the year for most brands and sellers.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2021 is expected to be the BIGGEST ecommerce sales event in HISTORY. 📚

Not to mention the MASSIVE boost 🚀 in online shopping we’ve seen the last year and a half.

So, are you PREPARED? The VENDO team is here to help you 👊🏽

With 25+ years of retail experience, $25B+ in sales driven 💰, 150+ active brand partners, and a team dedicated to 360-degree 🔁 Amazon & Walmart management, we know what it takes to win.

Join our team of experts for a GOLDEN-NUGGET-PACKED 🌟 Q4 summit on Wednesday 10/27.

From marketing to advertising to creative – and more – there is sure to be a topic for all. 💎




1. Live Kick-Off + Q&A:
8:30AM PST | Join our team of experts for a discussion about the presentations, plus an open Q&A session

2. Amazon Marketing, Advertising, Inventory & Sale Structure:
9AM | Black Friday/Cyber Monday aka Turkey 5 Comprehensive Plan

3. Amazon Advertising:
10AM| Leveraging New Sponsored Display Features After Black Friday/Cyber Monday

4. Amazon External Advertising:
11AM | How to Drive External Traffic to Amazon During Q4 (The Right Way)

5. Amazon Creative:
12PM | Optimizing your Amazon Creative Assets for the Holiday

6. Amazon Data Analytics & Creative:
1PM | A/B Testing Product Page Content

7. Walmart Management:
2PM | How to Sell on

8. Walmart Advertising:
3PM | Advertising – How to WIN in Q4


#1 – Dominate Black Friday/Cyber Monday aka Turkey 5

Speakers: Nicolas Martinez, Josh Hong
First, there’s Thanksgiving... then the notorious Black Friday, and then... the oh-so-tempting Cyber Monday! FIVE DAYS (aka "Turkey 5") of holiday shopping that your brand can BANK on for major sales. 71% of consumers shopped Amazon this time of year in 2019 and last year, Cyber Monday was the BIGGEST U.S. ecommerce day EVER.
Ensure you are prepared! And even if you’re locked in for the season, tune in for things you may have missed! We go over how to make your deals more enticing, which last minute marketing & advertising strategies you can employ, and how to monitor your gains. Topics include: discount types, deal structure (lead-in, main event, and post-event), Amazon advertising, inventory management, driving off-Amazon traffic from organic and paid sources; i.e., social, search, email, influencers, affiliates, PR/editorials & more!

#2 - Leveraging New Sponsored Display Features After Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Speakers: Gefen Laredo, Matan Laredo, Jason Weilenmann
Turkey 5, as it's called, gets all the attention. Hundreds, maybe even thousands, of new customers visit your product detail pages for potentially the first time. With Amazon's newly built out Sponsored Display features, Vendo has developed a unique strategy to retarget these customers to keep the holiday spirit (and sales) alive. On this panel, we will discuss how to retarget customers that showed interest in your products as well as competing products before and during Turkey 5, and how to move them down the sales funnel.

#3 - How to Drive External Traffic to Amazon During Q4 (The Right Way)

Speakers: Jason Weilenmann, Kristen Vasquez
Driving external traffic to Amazon is an easy way for sellers to gain a competitive advantage and attract new customers. Amazon may even reward sellers that bring additional people to their platform. We’ll discuss how a well-executed strategy complementing on Amazon PPC utilizing driving external traffic to Amazon can boost traffic, drive sales, improve keyword rankings, ramp up BSR, and help you improve long term value with customers.
We will cover all paid channels, but specifically focusing on search ads driving straight to Amazon listing, bypassing the landing page to eliminate friction, to draw as many high relevant eyes to the listing as possible to show off the huge promotion/discounts available since around 36% of search starts off AMZ. Our goal will be to take advantage of a high intent purchasing time, while driving cheaper CPCS and higher CTRs from strategic keywords on Google, using Amazon Attribution as a way to measure our success.

#4 - Optimizing your Amazon Creative Assets for the Holidays

Speakers: Karin Yang, Jennifer Kaba
Give your Amazon assets some holiday cheer! We'll go over content and design ideas to showcase the many different areas in Amazon where you can make your product look more festive to remind buyers of why your product is a great gift or stocking stuffer. Or even if your product isn't a gift item, we'll discuss how to be prepared with the most optimized listing to take advantage of increased traffic during the shopping season.

#5 – A/B Testing product page content

Marelna Caswell, Vinny Alvarez
Learn about the different ways A/B testing can impact your product page performance! We'll go over various findings from our own tests as well as best practices outlined by our favorite testing site,

#6 – How to Sell on & Updates on the new Site-Refresh

Mark Jordan, Darren Saul
Learn about the different ways your assortment can be sold on and check out some of the updates to Walmart's brand new website! We'll go over each selling channel's pro's & con's, the different ways you can advertise, what data you can expect to receive, and how your product will appear on-site.

#7 – Advertising – How to WIN in Q4

Speakers: Michelle Long, Pablo Solar-Sanchez
Optimizing item pages, generating reviews, and winning the buy box are key foundational pieces for advertising success on We will go over each of these along with understanding your category, and campaign structure in order to WIN on in Q4. Item selection, goal setting, and maximizing your budget will allow brands to take advantage of the high search traffic during the holiday season while maintaining profitability.

Our Speakers

Darren Saul

Darren is our CEO and fearless leader having 20 years+ of ecommerce experience including affiliate marketing, PPC marketing, marketplace strategy, supply chain, sourcing, and all areas of general ecommerce management. He believes that in today's highlight competitive online marketplaces you need to win as much off of those platforms as on them by building brand awareness. Darren is very passionate about all things ecommerce and is focused on how we can continue to add value and growth for all of our VENDO clients in an ever-changing online marketplace.

Nicolas Martinez
Vice President of Marketing

For the last 5 years, Nicolas’ primary focus has been growing brands online through a turnkey management service at VENDO, a company that helps Fortune 500 and emerging consumer brands succeed. In his role as Vice President of Marketing, he currently leads Amazon & Walmart marketing strategy for 100+ brands and has worked with 100's more. He is passionate about consistently developing innovative initiatives to help brands win through both on and off marketplace marketing strategies. In addition, he is responsible for external/corporate marketing, aimed at furthering VENDO as an industry leader. This includes the management of VENDO's weekly podcast, email marketing, blog, case studies, social media, and more.

Karin Yang
Head of Creatives

Karin has an accomplished career in e-commerce, where her strength has always been a keen eye for design. Following two years at VENDO as an Amazon Account Manager, she is now Head of Creatives. Thanks to her years of extensive experience, she’s transformed our brands’ design and visual elements into assets that convert. Among her list of responsibilities, one of her top priorities is ensuring consumers have the same experience on Amazon and Walmart as they do when they visit the company’s DTC website or social pages.

Jennifer Kaba
Head of Content Copywriting

After several years of writing-focused positions in marketing and communications, an interest in e-commerce led Jennifer to a new path in her career, and ultimately to find her passion for selling on Amazon. In the years that followed, she learned everything she could about Amazon and helped numerous brands manage their Amazon businesses before coming full circle to lead VENDO’s Content Copywriting department. Today, she utilizes her love for writing and brand messaging and her knowledge of what converts on Amazon to create the most optimized assets for VENDO’s clients.

Vinicio Alvarez
Director of Amazon Account Strategists

For the last 3 years, Vinny’s primary focus has been owning and leading execution for growing brands on Amazon. In his role as Directory of Account Strategist at VENDO, he currently leads a team of account strategists with the focus on developing new growth processes, pipeline efficiencies and foster client success through revenue and category growth. He is passionate about ecommerce data, consistently develops innovative strategies to help brands win on Amazon and has maintain high product rankings within respective categories.

Gefen Laredo
Amazon Advertising Manager

An early teammate at VENDO, Gefen has helped grow the portfolio through innovative advertising management. He currently leads the media buying team, overseeing effective growth strategies on and off of Amazon and Walmart eCommerce. As the eCommerce world has evolved, so has his drive to contribute to VENDO’s proud status as one of the leaders in the space.

Michelle Long
Walmart Advertising Manager

For the last 2 years, Michelle's primary focus at VENDO is helping brands develop, implement, and manage their advertising strategy on In her role as Walmart Advertising Manager, she is passionate about helping brands grow, and create innovative advertising strategies to help brands SELL MORE on! Previously, she was a Strategic Account Manager at VENDO, working with high-growth and legacy brands on analytics, logistics, content creation, sales, etc.
  In addition, she consults with brands on adapting strategy as Walmart continues to evolve. This includes omni marketing strategies, review generation, enhanced content, and more.

Jason Weilenmann
Digital Media Buyer

Jason’s primary focus has been growing brands on Amazon and DTC through a strategic advertising blueprint.  In his role as a media buyer at VENDO, he currently leads Amazon & DTC advertising strategy for 50+ brands. He is focused on constantly developing innovative advertising initiatives to help create competitive advantages for digital brands through both on & off marketplace ad strategies while connecting all the channels to work to benefit one another.

Josh Hong
Digital Marketing Coordinator

Josh comes from an Ecommerce background, the past 4 years he has been working with Brands to grow their ecommerce business for both DTC and Amazon. He currently works at Vendo managing 50+ brands grow their Amazon business as a Digital Marketing Coordinator. Motivated in developing and researching ways to grow the brand with innovative initiatives to guide brands to win in their category.

Marlena Caswell
Amazon Strategic Account Manager

After working in the competitive fashion industry for several years, Marlena joined the VENDO team in July 2021, bringing with her a strong corporate background in ecommerce. She now successfully manages a significant book of business at VENDO that spans across multiple categories including beauty, grocery, and personal care. She is a strong believer in utilizing data-backed testing to optimize the customer experience and further drive sales conversion. As a leading Strategic Account Manager she is able to push her Amazon client businesses to the next level.

Mark Jordan
Walmart Growth Strategist

In the Summer of 2020, Mark exited Walmart’s eCommerce team to join VENDO. After holding roles both as a Category Specialist and a Walmart Marketplace Account Manager, he joined VENDO as their Marketplace Growth Specialist to help their Walmart clients grow their online business. His past Walmart relationships, expertise, and deep understanding of Walmart's online ecosystem has allowed for VENDO to quickly scale their client management services, and even be recognized by Walmart as a top agency solution provider. By building new initiatives and bringing on additional past Walmart eCommerce teammates, he and the team have been able to service brands of all sizes looking to launch or continue growing on

Pablo Solar-Sanchez
Walmart Strategic Account Manager

Since starting with VENDO, Pablo has been key to cultivating successful relationships between grocery & vitamin suppliers with the merchant team. In his role as strategic account manager at VENDO, he currently is responsible for sales strategy, online operations, and content management for 15+ brands. He is passionate about the ecommerce business and is currently learning more about advertising strategy for

Kristen Vazquez
Digital Media Buyer

Kristen has 7 years of experience in developing hyper-growth advertising strategies for brands across search and social media channels. She is passionate about helping brands create a strong digital presence that's aligned with their bottom line. With VENDO, Kristen is focused on leading sales growth strategies across variouss earch, social, and programmatic channels for Walmart and DTC brands.

Matan Laredo
Advertising Associate

Having graduated UCSB last year, Matan joined VENDO with the goal of using his experience with data analytics and strategy to grow Amazon brands through advertising. He takes pride in helping brands acquire new customers while making sure they remain profitable. As a result of his data-driven approach to advertising, he has been able to develop new advertising strategies and has also spearheaded a new reporting structure for the advertising department that is quicker, cheaper, and more robust than the one which was used prior.